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Fostering is temporarily providing a home for a homeless pet. A Foster gives the animal a sense of stability by ensuring their access to proper food, housing and medical care. They get more one-on-one attention than they would in a shelter which allows certain medical and behavioral needs be discovered and addressed. Fosters also help us match the animals with the best possible forever home as we are able to get a better understanding of what the animal's personality is like. Perhaps the most important part of a foster program is that there is a SECOND life saved for every foster animal because of the space you help to make in our program!


Your main job as a foster is to keep the animal safe and healthy. This means engaging with them through play, reinforcing letterbox training, grooming (when appropriate), and making sure their basic daily needs are met:

  • cleaning litter box daily
  • keeping their environment calm and consistent
  • providing access to unlimited hay
  • cleaning and refilling water bowl
  • remaining cognizant of any issues that may arise, physical or behavioral, and communicating what you notice to your POC right away.

If your foster animal has any medical challenges or they are recovering from surgery while in your care, you will be responsible for at administering medication and following at home care instructions. This may include giving oral medication or eyedrops.

You will be responsible for transportation of the animal to get to and from veterinary appointments. Generally all travel is limited to the Chicagoland and NW Indiana area. It is important that foster volunteers keep and track reciepts!!

Mileage and gas expenses to transport your foster animal as needed are tax deductible!

The Moon Dog Farm will provide you:

When you are about to bring home your first foster animal you will be given an onboarding kit which includs core supplies that you will sanitize, store and reuse for your next foster animal. Everything in this onboarding kit will be with you for the duration of your time as an MDF Foster. Tthe typical onboarding kit for a a rabbit/guinea pig foster include a pen or cage, litter box, dish(es)/bottle(s), a couple of homemade toys and instructions on how to make your own! You will also receive your first starter pack of litter, food and hay.

Moving forward, we will provide you a new start pack (about 1 weeks worth of pellets, greens, and hay) with each new foster animal you take home. As perishable supplies run out we ask that you replenish pellets and hay, and that you provide ongoing greens for your foster.

Any additional costs you are willing and able to absorb as a foster we gratefully encourage any supplies that you are able to provide yourself is helpful and appreciated!

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Amazon Wishlist
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The Moon Dog Farm is a 501c3 non-for-profit organization in South Suburbs of Chicago, IL.

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