Adoption Application

    Adoption Agreement

    I agree to take over the ownership of the above mentioned animal(s) from The Moon Dog Farm (MDF). As an integral part of my ownership I agree to treat my new family member(s) with the best care that I can give. I agree never to cause harm, neglect, abuse, or abandon my new pet or allow others to do so. In the event that I can no longer take care of my adopted animal(s) I agree to contact a member of MDF at: or (928) 288-6097. The animal must be re- turned to the care of the sanctuary if I am unable to maintain ownership. Under no circumstances am I able to re-home the adopted animal without first contacting MDF using the above information.

    I agree not to have this animal euthanized unless absolutely medically necessary, and that if COST of care is an issue, I will contact the MDF about allowing them to take over medical care and ownership of the animal.

    This animal may not be kept for any purpose other than a household pet, including but not limited to; meat, fur, pet food, bait, sale, petting zoo, science project or display.

    Housing Agreement

    I agree that if I must relocate or move from my current residence that I will take my new animal(s) with me as well as contact MDF with my new information in order to keep records current. I agree that this animal will be housed indoors at all times and will NEVER be housed in any outdoor enclosure. I agree that when/if the animal is allowed outdoors, that it will be supervised at all times.

    I understand that a great diet is beneficial to the health and well-being of guinea pig(s) or Rabbit(s) I am applying to adopt. I agree to feed the appropriate aged Oxbow or Sherwood pellet food, daily vitamin c (for guinea pigs) ample -unlimited timothy hay and daily fresh greens. I will also make sure to have proper husbandry with habitat, toys, litter, bowls, water bottle(s) hideys, and what and will be sure to have proper enrichment toys/exercises for my pet. I understand that a member of The Moon Dog Farm go over this with me at time of interview.


    Upon signing this contract, I understand that Moon Dog Farm is no longer responsible for the financial costs of caring for this animal, including veterinary bills incurred after the adoption. I also agree that MDF is not responsible for damage that this pet may cause to my persons or property. I understand that MDF has disclosed any known medical information at the time of adoption.

    Adoption Fees




    Bonded Pair




    Guinea Pigs:






    The adoption fees are non-refundable donations to the Moon Dog Farm and not a purchase price for the animal(s) or any supplies that I am acquiring. If for some reason I must return/surrender the adopted animal(s), I understand that my money will not be refunded for any reason.




























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    Amazon Wishlist
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